The Best of Halloween

Costumes that will fit who you are.

Shailey Pettit, Layout Editor

If you’re going for a Mean Girls look, you can always pull out the animal ears and tail and pull put any black clothes from your closet. Any small animal will suffice.

Crayons are one of the costumes you see in the store every year but don’t really know anyone who gets them. Spice things up this year and be a crayon. If you’re feeling extra crazy you can be a whole pack of crayons instead of just one.

If you want to be a little scandalous and fun, your best option is one of the little superhero costumes. You will be very cold, so stay indoors, but you will definitely shock everyone who sees your exciting costume.

We all remember the one kid that always wore a blow-up costume, and honestly, they are so cool. Any of the ones that make you look like you are riding an ostrich or some of the new ones are unicorns are super fun and will spice your whole Halloween up.

If you’re in a good close relationship and you want to show the world you are happy, a couple costume is for you. Just convince your significant other to wear something cheesy with you and you’re all set.

Skeletons are a very basic costume but they are very versatile. If you love doing your makeup a skeleton is a great costume for you.

If you’re feeling extra patriotic this year you could always go as out the president. There are so many different masks this year honoring our amazing president and how great he looks all the time.

‘Where’s Waldo’ is a fun game we have all played at one point. If you’re constantly hiding from life and you want to hide just a little bit more, your best options is a ‘Where’s Waldo’ costume. Fair warning though, people might go looking for you in this costume.

‘It’ is a very popular movie and it brought back the idea of clowns. If you want to be creepy but not in a gory way, the clown is for you.