5 websites that will get you through the day

A list of websites that will make your boring day enjoyable

Everyone has at least one class that they’d classify as boring, whether they’d like to admit it or not. One hour of a slow-going class with nothing to do is horrible, and I’m sure everyone else will agree. This list of  5 websites will help you get through your day and make those boring classes a little more fun.

1. Weavesilk is an application that allows you to draw pictures in green and blue that are always symmetrical. There is little effort or skill required, but the final product always turns out amazing. I am no artist, but even I made it work.

Weavesilk art

2. Google feud is a fun trivia game that tests your knowledge on common Google searches. The aim is to guess what the search auto-fills to and if you guess it right, you get a certain amount of points based on how common the search is. If you can guess all 10 searches without using your three strikes, you win the game.

Google Feud trivia

3. If the moon were only one pixel is what the universe looks like on a very small scale. You are able to scroll through and see the approximate distances of planets from the sun and their size in proportion. Humor is also included inside to keep you entertained as you scroll.

If the moon were only one pixel

4. Have you ever wondered how many monster trucks you could buy with Bill Gates’ money? Well, look no further, because spend Bill Gates’ money allows you to see how much you can buy with $90,000,000,000. You can buy things such as bars of gold, the Mona Lisa, Big Macs, and a wide variety of other items.

Spend Bill Gates’ money

5. Sporcle is a quiz app that contains tons of quizzes. There are many categories, from actors to geography, and each quiz is very unique. It is constantly updated with new content and hours can be spent working on different quizzes.

Sporcle quizzes