The King of Bachata & His New Golden Tour

Romeo Santos' golden tour

Romeo Santos, the King of Bachata, made a comeback with new music and a new tour after 3 years. After the release of his Golden album back in July 2017, all of his fans waited impatiently for his new tour announcement. In November 2017, he announced his new tour, and fans went wild. The new Golden tour hasn’t disappointed any of Romeo’s fans, including me.

West Valley City was a city that was later added to Romeo’s list of tour cities. A few months after he announced he was coming to West Valley, I bought tickets along with my mom and one of my friends. I was somewhat nervous and scared of going, and the tickets were pretty expensive, and I didn’t want to be disappointed.

He played Puerto Rican, Mexican, Columbian, and music from several other different countries. I enjoyed the opening act, and it got me even more pumped for Romeo’s entrance. Right before Romeo made his grand entrance, the whole arena went pitch black and the beat of his first song began, then the back of the stage turned red and you could see his shadow in the light. He began singing and several rays of light bounced off the stage. As the concert went on, he sang songs from his new album and several from his past albums. He later asked the audience if they knew parts from one of his songs, then he brought up two people from the audience. He included them in the song and made sure they danced and had fun. Towards the end of the concert, Romeo said “I want everyone to leave this concert feeling like you all were living a dream. I’ve put my blood, sweat, and tears into this tour, and I hope I have satisfied all of you in this arena. I wish I could sing every single song I have ever made, but I want to take requests of songs you guys won’t think I’ll sing tonight.” He sang about 6 songs that were requested by the audience, and you could feel the overall happiness of everyone in the arena. That was definitely one of my highlights from the concert.

The concert was phenomenal, and showed the blood, sweat, and tears he put into this tour. The whole concert wasn’t boring at any point, brought chills down my spine, and made me cry several times. He made sure the audience was involved in his performance, and the whole concert was something I’ll never forget.