Guys and Dolls! – Behind the Scenes

Juan Diego drama department's 2018 musical production, hitting the stage October 11th - 14th.


From Left to Right: Noah Omelchuk, Nya Elder, Gabe Veltri, Rosalie Ortega

Gamblers, missionaries, and a whole lot of singing! These are just three things you can expect from JD’s fall musical, Guys and Dolls. “It’s a classic American musical comedy,” drama director Joe Crnich stated, “Some call it the perfect musical comedy, and we haven’t done one of those in a long time,” he continued. Guys and Dolls is the story of Nathan Detroit, Miss Adelaide, Sky Masterson, and Sarah Brown (played by the students pictured above) as they scramble through life on the streets of New York City. But casting the show isn’t the most difficult part. The rehearsal process is a rigorous and intense time in any show but is all well worth it in the end.

“I think we’re a good enough group, with enough focus that it’s working really well,” freshmen Emily Blair commented, “But at the same time it’s fun.” She continued. Blair is a Hot Box Dancer in the musical and she is really excited to be a part of the production. The cast here at Juan Diego is full of more than 30 insanely talented individuals, all of whom love musical theater, dance, and just performing in general. Blair continues,“The play opens in about a week and we are doing really well. We have just about everything fully blocked and are doing full run throughs. The set is coming along beautiful and we are all having so much fun with our characters, now that we know their lines.”

The beginning of the show, learning music and choreography, are definitely the two most difficult parts of rehearsal but also some of the most enjoyable. “My favorite part of rehearsal is probably the beginning,” junior Gabe Veltri, who plays Sky Masterson, said, “ When you’re first trying to learn the character and trying to take on an entirely different personality. I think that’s fun because you get to explore, and be someone you wouldn’t normally be.” As Veltri plays the male lead of the show, he has an extra challenge in taking on a completely new personality and having to grow as a character over the course of the story, “Sky is very different than I am, because he is more of a cool and suave guy,” Veltri continued. Character development is tricky, but it’s just part of the game when it comes to acting and these students are pros.

As the cast tirelessly practices for the show, they ask for your support by coming to see it, October 11th-14th. “Anyone who’s looking to just get a little laugh and just have a little fun for a couple hours will love this show, because that’s kind of what the show is.” Veltri says. “This is a light, playful romantic comedy and you should come see the show.”