Perfect Potstickers

Perfect place to purchase potstickers in Sandy

Max Merhi, Copy Editor


Potstickers seem very simple, but they actually contain a lot of variety. You can get them fried, boiled, pork, vegetarian, and just about anything else you can think of. Potstickers Plus One located in Sandy, Utah offers many types of these of potstickers, all while creating a comfortable, friendly environment to enjoy along with the delicious food.

When I walked in, I first noticed the artwork on the walls. The paintings were painted by a local artist, and they add a little bit of brightness. The space in which the restaurant is located is small but extremely cozy. The wood tables and chairs match very nicely with the red walls, and the windows allow a perfect amount of light into the building.

One other thing you will notice is that the kitchen is visible from the tables. There, you can watch the potstickers, curry shrimp bowl, veggie noodle soup and other various dishes made completely from scratch. The scent of the potstickers cooking fills the small space, making your mouth instantly water.

What jumped out to me about this restaurant is the staff. It is a family owned business, and everyone works very hard to ensure that you have a great experience. The couldn’t be friendlier, and also offer many suggestions about their menu and the specials.

I ordered the sweet corn potstickers, and they were every bit as good as I had hoped. The outside was crispy and fresh, and the pork on the inside was very flavorful. The corn went very well with the pork, and the portion of meat and corn inside of each potsticker was perfectly balanced. There are many other sauces you can add on the side, whether it be traditional soy sauce, spicy chili sauce, sweet and sour sauce, or quite a few others. I found that the sweet and sour sauce went best with my meal, but the chili sauce was delicious as well.

Potstickers are a great alternative to your ordinary dinner, and Potstickers Plus One is the place to get them. It is affordable, quick, and also delicious. They offer a great variety of meals in a comfortable setting with very friendly staff.