Quarterback Quandry

An inside look of the quarterback dilemma at JD


Photo from @conner_turner14

Football season is already underway, and JD looks to back their three consecutive state championships, but with one complication. Conner Turner, who was anticipated to start at quarterback this year, suffered a string of injuries and concussions and is unlikely to play anytime soon. This creates a difficult decision for the coaches. Who do they plan to play at quarterback, one of the most instrumental positions in the offense?

Luckily, there are a few options to choose from. One of these is Justice Brusatto, who transferred to Juan Diego last year as a freshman. Starting his sophomore year, he was originally ineligible to play because of UHSAA rules but has now been ruled eligible in time for the season. Coach Greg Williams states that Justice “is a pure passer and very athletic.” Williams goes on to say “Justice will become an even better runner once he fully understands the system.”

Another option is Junior Colby Smith. Colby can play defensively, as well as offensively. Williams stated, “Colby is a very balanced player that can throw and he can play the system well.” Ideally, Williams said that he’d like to play Colby defensively, but he can play in either position.”

The last option is Connor Turner. He is currently injured, but assuming he makes a quick recovery, he will be a very solid quarterback. Williams says “Conner knows the system…he can read plays, run well, and pass well.” Conner is also very used to JD’s style of play and knows how the offense operates.

The quarterback situation at JD is like a big deal, especially coming off of a state championship. Despite this, the program is very confident in how it will operate. They are looking forward to another great season, and hope to bring back a fourth consecutive state title.